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Swearing is as bad a habit amongst the children as lying. Swearing means use of swear words, vulgar language or coarse language. Parents who have given birth to the child, and are bearing all difficulties associated with bringing up children, will be shocked to hear their loved kid using a foul word. The reason that the young kids are using such language more often is due to exposure to TV and public places where such language is used. Children who go to day care centers are more prone to uttering swear words without understanding the word.

It is necessary for the parents to be strict to prevent the children from swearing. The process of prevention to be adopted differs for children of different age. In case of a child of two years of age, it will be different as he does not understand the meaning of these words. However, a child of four years of age will have to be educated in a different manner. Traditional method of making the child wash his mouth will not have any effect on child of two, as he or she does not understand anything, but may be effective for child of four and above.

It is first the duty of the parents to be careful when talking in the presence of children. They should under no circumstances use swear words. Even if they utter something they should immediately apologise and promise not to use that word. The child should be given proper counselling regarding the use of language.

Take the case of a two year old child. If he feels neglected or is not happy in the day care centre and hears some swear word from any source, he will try to pick up and repeat the word to gain attention. At this age, he being fully innocent and unable to understand, punishment will be of no help. Rather the child should, in the politest manner, be told that this is not a good word to use, and no one in the family has ever uttered such thing. If the two year old uses some word when the older children are around, it is not proper to blame the older children, as the young one may have learnt the word from TV show etc.

The method of explaining to the child of four years is different. At this age the child has developed some level of understanding. At this or at still higher age, you could be more firm with the child. Tell him that child’s mom, or next door neighbour, or a person of whom the child is fond of, has not liked his word and will not play or talk to him till he says sorry. This will have a positive effect. Ensure that the child is not using such words to gain attention. In such a case give him company, telling him that it is not the culture of the family to use such words.