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baby swaddle patternsWhen the baby is finally out of the closeness of his mother’s womb, he sometimes feels a little unsettled or uncomfortable in the world outside. This means that he could easily get distracted and disturbed by the leg and arm movement of his family members or even for that matter, his own body movements could sometimes make him terribly uneasy paving way for the swaddle process.

When one says “swaddle”, it means to wrap or cover for safety and security of the little baby who has just been delivered a couple of days ago. Swaddling as a process is practiced on the little ones only during their first fortnight or two weeks of coming to being. Hence that it isn’t required, as by then the little one gets accustomed to the surrounding area and people making him more comfortable even without a cover.

Swaddling is required if :

  • Your baby is having trouble sleeping because he’s easily troubled or his own muscle movements wake him up.
  • The baby seems uncomfortable for no apparent reason.
  • Baby seems distressed by the free movement of his arms and legs.

When you notice that your new born is getting affected by the aforementioned reasons, be sure of wrapping him up in a warm blanket or a soft wrapping sheet to make him feel that he isn’t lonely any more. Psychologically it plays a very important role to cover little ones who get hassled with anything happening around them in their initial first few weeks.

free baby swaddle patternDon’t over wrap only because you think your baby is troubled. That could also cause him to suffocate, creating a lot of problem. Be sure of being extra cautious during summers when it is extremely warm for covering a baby with a blanket could cause him to choke or even sweat and get dehydrated.

Babies are very tender and make sure that the cover you are using is hygienic and soft for coarse insides of any cover could harm the baby’s sensitive skin giving him rashes all over. Also, if your baby doesn’t enjoy being swaddled, it’s OK. Remember to take your cues from your baby and he’ll let you know what he likes best.

Holding your baby in a sling carrier is another way to help your child feel safe and secure. Make sure that both you and your little one are comfy at the end of the day for that alone matters the most.