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In today’s world computer has achieved a distinct place. The extent of information available on the internet has made things easier to learn. A person however highly placed will be considered illiterate if he is not aware about operation of a computer. Like adults, it is necessary that a child must be aware of computer. For this, it is not necessary that the parents are familiar with a computer. Even if you are not computer savvy or own a computer at your home it is necessary to give your child computer exposure.

These days all public libraries have computers installed in their premises. If you have one around you, ask the library attendant to open some computer programme for children with graphics etc, make the child sit before it, may be in your lap, and make the child observe the graphics etc. in the computer. Continue rolling the pages up or down to maintain the interest of the child.

If you have a computer at home, teaching the child will be easier. You can start teaching when you are free and child is fresh after a nap. As the child continues to grow up, familiarise him with programmes developed for the children of his age. Many softwares have been developed for the benefit of the children of all ages. Ensure to buy some genuine software. Genuine software will not cause problem with the operating system of your computer and are easy to install, even by those who are not fully aware with computer operations.

If your child is about three years of age, he could be taught the alphabet. Buy some software developed for children of this age. In it you will find a number of ways a child can learn the alphabets, you will also find simple arithmetic incorporated in it. This way the child will start recognising the alphabets and numbers. He will also get familiar with addition etc. You will find many interesting graphics and games softwares which will provide a chance of learning with entertainment. A child can also learn about pronunciation and music notes.

It is not correct to say that the child does not learn anything from computer games. By playing the games the logic and planning develops and the child will be able to develop hand eye co-ordination.

These days’ laptops have been developed for kids. They have built-in software necessary for learning. By pressing a particular key on the keypad, a number or alphabet appears on the screen and the machine also speaks out the word or the figure. This helps the child recognise an alphabet and he gets to know the exact pronunciation.