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Children learn the first lesson of their life from the parents. The child learns the most from the way the parents behave in the presence of the child. If in presence of the child the parents fight or rebuke each other or use curse words, the child is bound to learn this. If the child sees that the parents respect not only each other but also other members of the household or society they move in, they will also learn the same. They will also develop the habit of respecting others. Such children are considered well behaved and liked by all, including teachers and class mates.

Development of a healthy relationship between the parents, child and his or her grandparents is the best way to impart learning to the child to respect others. Depending upon the age, imparting habit of reading good books by famous authors will be helpful and the child will not only develop the habit of reading, but also learn how others respected the elders and others. For this you may take your child to library and, with the assistance of librarian, get a few books. These books have to be returned after reading in a good condition so the child will get disciplined and will not spoil books.

After the parents it is the turn of the teachers to impart learning to the child. In school, in addition to the lessons, the child learns many things including manners and social behaviour. The way the teacher teaches the children makes a lot of difference to the child. If the child is taught to respect teachers, principal and even subordinate staff he will develop the habit. Good teachers often teach the children to respect the fellow students also.

Another place to learn respect for others is social gatherings, clubs and public places and parks. The parents should encourage the child to go to these places for games and social meetings with other children and their parents. While meeting parents of other children your child will try his best to be more respectful, as he will expect others to respect his parents. On being discourteous he will be looked down upon and no one will like to associate with him.

Remember habits are not formed instantaneously but develop over a period of time with constant reinforcement. Parents and teachers need to continuously remind the child to practise his manners and respect others.