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Before getting started, how to teach writing skills to your child first know whether he/she is left or right handed. It is very simple to determine this just observe your child when he starts picking up things, the hand he uses for this purpose will let you know whether he is left handed or not. Left handed children are little different from ordinary children. There are some points which you must keep in mind while start teaching them to write:

1. Let your child realize that though he writes with left hand, it is not a defect in any manner.

2. Make him understand that there are many others like him, though may not be near by him.

3. Make him sure that he can write well each and every word in good handwriting and beautifully.

4. Never force him to use right hand, this may put extra pressure and he may not write well.

5. The child should keep the notebook near to his ‘left hand’ making proper angle according to his hand’s position.

6. The notebook should also placed at proper distance and height to ensures that child is comfortable while writing.

7. Teach him how to hold/grab a pencil in a proper manner between his index finger, middle finger and thumb.

8. Always try to motivate and appreciate your child when he uses his left hand while writing.

9. Give him some attractive and colorful pencils/pens to create and maintain his interest in writing.

10. It is important to know the understanding and learning ability of your child while teaching him, this will help you to teach them in a proper way.

11. Try to understand your kid’s patience and even if he gets frustrated maintain your patience. It will need lot of efforts from your side.

12. Try to teach them visually-through pictures and ask them to write about it, this will improve their grasping power.

13. Do not worry about poor handwriting and spelling mistakes in the beginning. Help him to improve gradually.

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