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Each household having a young child needs a thermometer. Children, due to low resistance, often get exposed to some infection or changing weather and develop fever. For measurement of body temperature different types of thermometers are available in the market, the most common being mercury bulb filled thermometer. This is not very safe as mercury is harmful for the children if the bulb cracks while taking the temperature.

For small children ear thermometer is a better and a safer option. These types of thermometers work on the principal of conversion of infrared heat emitted from the ear canal into body temperature. To take the temperature the thermometer has to be inserted in the ear canal of the child. It is better if the thermometer lens is near the ear drum for accurate reading.

The procedure of taking the temperature is simple. Before inserting the thermometer in the ear drum ensure that the child is having ear facing upwards. The ear should be pulled slightly upwards so that ear canal is straight and you can look inside it. Insert the thermometer slowly and firmly. After it is inserted a button available on the thermometer is pressed. When the reading is ready a beep will be heard. It does not take much time for this type of thermometer to complete reading taking process.

While using this type of thermometer it is necessary to take some precautions. The thermometer should be properly sterilised before use. If the child has some ear infection and cries out with pain when the thermometer is inserted in the ear canal, it should be removed immediately and should not be used again. Before using it, ensure that there is no ear wax in the canal as the presence of wax does have effect on the reading. The reading shown will be less than the actual temperature. Before use the thermometer should be at room temperature. Keep the thermometer in the room before use for at least thirty minutes. For accurate reading it should not be used after bath as this way body temperature will be altered by hot or cold water used for bath.

For safety and accuracy the thermometer is supplied with ear probe. This is a cover of the lens and the unit is recommended to be used with this cover. These covers are changeable and reusable. Before reuse or use by some other person ensure to clean it properly to eliminate chances of some infection spreading from one person to the other. However, it will be better still if you purchase additional ear probes to be replaced after every use especially in case of children, for proper safety.

Remember that the thermometer will give accurate reading if stored properly at a proper/room temperature and inserted properly in ear canal with full care and caution. Above all, if there is some doubt about accuracy of reading, consult the doctor.