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It is a common tendency that we want to see our child in the best category of children. When we read in newspapers or magazines that a child of 4 years plays piano very well or that a child of 5 years has learnt the dictionary by heart, we start thinking that if these children can do all this, what’s the problem with my child?

All children have some or the other talent. It is up to you to identify the potential first and then polish it over time. May be your child becomes a doctor if he likes the doctor kit. May be he becomes an interior decorator if he loves decorative toys. May be he become an engineer if he loves automobile toys and brick games puzzles. Similarly, mind games are helpful for deciding his future career. But don’t try to push your child to play mind games. Don’t manipulate your child. There is medicine or potion available that can force your child to become a scientist if has potential of a player, a singer or a painter.

Don’t try to maneuver the kid and draw him into the area that you believe is the best for him. If you push too hard or underestimate your kid’s capability, you may repel him from an area that he otherwise really likes. If you really hope that your son or daughter may follow your career path make sure to offer enough toys and games that help him or her build some interest into that area. If you see the kid has no interest at all in mind games, try to find out what he really likes, accept that and love it.

We all know that early age is the best age to give direction to the mind of children. Research has shown that children learn 75% of their life’s things in this age. To keep everything in mind for a long period, exercise of brain is very important.

There are many mind games available in the market for different age groups at easy prices. You can also play brain teaser games free online. There are many websites that offer free or paid brain twisters to play but prefer to buy games from the market because online games can harm the eyesight of your child, if he takes interest in a particular game and plays for very long hours. These games can also make children lethargic. Avoid these and inspire your child to play healthy mind games.

We all know that a good workout keeps our body active and in good shape. Similarly workout of brain can make our brain active and sharp. Mind games are the health club for the brain of your child as they improve memory power. Mind games for kids are very interesting. Face memory game, puzzles and math puzzles etc. are so attractive and inspiring that even adults desire to play them. Some common brain games are chess, sudoku, crossword, puzzles, maths games, jigsaw puzzles etc. Children learn a lot when they play mind games in a very natural and interesting way.