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In the previous days children keep themselves occupied with either outdoor games or indoor games after studies. Those were the days when there was no TV, video game or internet. Its true that TV and internet are a good source of knowledge but up to some extent. All these things make children idle. Physically it is harmful. As far the matter of knowledge is concerned every thing is not worth viewing to children. There are so many things which are not only useless but harmful for children. So parents have to spy their children every time. Why not indulge your child to develop any interesting hobby. Encourage your child to pursue any hobby wherever he/she has inclination.

Writing, painting, sketching, clay modeling, singing, dancing anything the child can accept as hobby. Every child has a sense of creativity inside. You have just to ignite it. It will give a sky to the imagination of the child. Your promotion will make them to think new ideas and obviously it will be a mental exercise. Generally Video games have nothing to do with creativity.

Any creation gives a pleasure of achievement. Sense of achievement boosts confidence and morale of the child. Whatever the hobby may be, even stamp collection, coin collection etc, are hobby and should be encouraged. The hobby will demand hard work and patience and finally when the goal is achieved, a feeling of success.

Interest or hobby instigates intelligence of the child. Brain becomes active and sharp. Reading habit increases vocabulary and concentration. While reading the child keeps himself focused on the message of the story and also keeps occupied. Indoor games like jigsaw puzzle, scrabble, chess are good brain exercise and help to think fast. Here a self learning attitude is developed by observation and practice. So it also helps to become independent.

The children participating in sports and game learn to behave with others. Team spirit is developed in them. Leadership quality is encouraged. They learn not to boast of their qualities. Sportsman spirit teaches them not to look down the defeating team and even not to be depressed when defeated himself. Thus instead of jealousy a healthy competition is developed. Sports teaches them to help friends when they are in need. A discipline is developed in their life.

Sometimes interests become profession of the child in the later years. Reading habit can develop writing skill of a child and can become a professional writer. Same can happen with singing, dancing, painting, sketching sports and other hobbies. Child can develop his/her skill to become a professional of the particular field.

Children learn time management. This is the time when a child recognizes himself and parents also come to know the skill of their child. This helps the child in setting his/her goal.

Parents must encourage their child to pursue a hobby. Hobby is not just a time pass but it helps the child’s personality development.