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Parents are always worried about the safety and well being of their children. Due to this, they continuously plan and purchase equipment necessary for the safety of the child. When the child goes out with the parents in the car, they make arrangement for the child seat to be fitted on the car seat. Similarly, when the child starts going skating or cycling, they in addition to skates and a cycle, make arrangement for helmet and other safety equipment.

We hear in every country around the world, millions of children are lost every year. They are picked up by crooked elements and used as beggars or for other unsocial activity to earn money. In view of this the parents often do not leave the children unattended and ensure that someone accompanies them whenever they go out. As a safety measure, the child should remember his home address and telephone number of parents. In addition, keeping a record of fingerprints of the child is also important.

This record can be used by the police department in case of some eventuality of the child being lost or kidnapped. For the purpose of taking and maintaining record of fingerprints different kits are available in market. The police in some states also provide the service of taking record of fingerprints. If this service is available it is better to get the child fingerprinted from the police department as this will be done by professionals and the record will be accurate.

If this facility is not available in your area it is better to buy a good quality kit and take the record on your own. With some efforts you can make free child fingerprints kits yourself at home. If purchased, the parents should ensure to read and understand the instructions annexed to the kit and then take the record. If the child is less than two years of age the finger prints are not fully developed. In this case the full impression of the hands and feet should be taken with the non toxic ink supplied with the kit. Ensure to wash the hands and feet thoroughly after taking the impression.

The fingerprints get developed by the time the child reaches the age of seven. However, some changes do continue to occur and the finger prints are final when the child is of ten years of age. If your child is less than ten years of age take prints on regular basis say after six to nine months. After taking the next record do not destroy the earlier prints. Remember to keep a close up photograph of your child taken after every nine months. Finger prints and photograph can be taken simultaneously.

In addition to the above it is essential to keep DNA sample of the child. For this a hair along with the follicle should be kept wrapped in a clean white paper. All these need to be stored properly for use in case of emergency.