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In today’s competitive world, it is very necessary to provide quality education to children. Science is a subject of great significance not only today but it is the main subject that was advocated by Greek political thinkers like Plato and Aristotle. Science is all around us. Everything a child sees or does is related to science. Sun, Moon, Stars, sand, rain, toys, food, milk etc. everything conceals the logic of science within it. Science has almost become a way of life. Children can understand this world by the use of science. So it is the duty of the schools to assign science projects to children at regular intervals. These projects should be interesting and according to the age of kids.

It is quite possible that your child is not interested in science. It is up to you to create fun in science projects and attract the attention of your child towards science. To explore and expand the imagination power of your child, you can demonstrate him various applications of science in many of the household things. This way he will feel close to science.

In this regard the role of the teacher is more important than parents. Teachers should organize science fairs every year and assign one or two simple projects to students. Always allot science projects to teams not to individuals. Students enjoy doing projects with their friends. There should be coordination between parents and teachers for inculcating scientific temper in children.

With the help of Internet, science assignments are now becoming more easy and interesting. Don’t hesitate to challenge your child to do science projects. You can offer some material incentives to your child to accomplish projects.  Provide good opportunities to him to go further in his line of science.

There are many categories of science from which a teacher can assign projects. A teacher can assign projects from chemistry, biology, zoology, biotechnology and other branches of sciences. There should always be some newness associated with the projects so that they appeal to young minds. Project to freeze water instantly, to discover magnetic effects in simple things, how you can check the smelling power of your parents, how fan works, how windmill works, how you can use solar energy to save electric energy etc. are the projects that can be accomplished without much difficulty. These are easy science projects that can encourage the imaginative power of kids.

The importance of science is increasing day-by-day. There are many research programmes offered by many states and countries for exploring various areas of science. If your child is good in science, you should encourage him. Don’t bother about expenditure on the projects because it is the question of career of your little champ. Knowledge of science can also help your child make a better place in society. He can understand the facts and problems in a precise way and can find appropriate solutions with the scientific spirit.