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Communication between parents and children is very important. When these channels are open, then children can confidently turn to their parents with their questions regarding why and what of different matters. Children will be curious about things around them and what they see and hear from peers and TV etc. It is important that children are shielded from topics which are age inappropriate, so keep a check on what they view on TV and computer and also the friends they make.

When a child wants some information from parents, they must answer according to the age of the child. Parents can intuitively know the level of understanding of their child and should formulate the answer accordingly. Answer as honestly as possible depending on how much a child wants and needs to know at a particular age. The explanation need not be too explicit or detailed. It should not be too long either or the child may lose interest.

Kids can sense when a parent is trying to evade answering so be open without being embarrassed by the question. After all, whom can a child turn to for clarifying his doubts if not to his parents? It is good that a child has come to his parents because that means he trusts them most and can be guided well. Friends and outsiders may give wrong and inappropriate explanations which will cause harm to his impressionable mind.

No matter what the question is, do not make fun of the child especially in front of others. The child may have had to gather courage to ask that particular thing, so treat his doubt with respect and understanding. In this way the parent will become a friend for life and the child will always be able to turn to his parents in time of need.

No parent is a know all, so if they do not know the answer or are not sure how to answer the query, they should very honestly admit so. However, they should promise to look up the answer somewhere and give a correct answer to their child. If at a later date the child finds that his parents were wrong and did not bother to ascertain what was correct, he will be disappointed. He will then lose respect and trust for his parents. He will find it difficult to look for guidance from his parents in issues which are important to him in later life.

Children look up to parents and learn many important lessons of life from them so try to satisfy a child’s dilemma with patience, honesty and understanding. He will blossom into a well balanced and mature adult, able to solve his problems and maybe those of others.