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Many children who suffer from some deficiency caused at the time of birth or due to subsequent injury require physical therapy. Physical therapy is a service designed to provide balanced skill to the children suffering from some disorder. Therapists who specialise in children related disorders work with families to help the child overcome deficiencies and assist the child to sit, crawl and walk. The object is to help the child overcome physical or neurological disabilities. The emphasis is to rectify impairment which limits the functioning of the body.

This therapy is not only to reduce pain but also to develop positive movements in the life of the child. In case of injury caused to the players this is very helpful in aiding the recovery process. The imbalance or weakness caused due to the injury can easily be cured by a physiotherapist by synchronizing the movement of affected parts and redevelopment of healthy organs. Doctors attending on the child generally recommend physical therapy in case they find that the child has movement problem due to birth defects or due to injury.

When the child gets both medication and also the help of a physiotherapist, chances are that the recovery will be very fast and the child is normal in a shorter time.

A physiotherapist is a licensed health care professional who utilizes various methods of treatment to maximise the movement and overall functioning of the human body. The treatment involves developmental activity, therapeutic exercises, balance and coordination training etc., development and strengthening of muscles and bone joints. He will first of all work with the child to ascertain the deficiencies in the child, try to ascertain the causes and then start the rectification process.

A child will require the help of a physical therapy expert if:

  • The child has not attained the desired standard of development during the first year of life or in special need.
  • If the child uses one side of the body more as compared to the other side, or turns his head to one side with ease as compared to turning it to the other side.
  • If the child walks in an awkward manner.
  • Is unable to perform the tasks like jumping, running, skipping as the other children of his age do.
  • Frequently falls down while walking.
  • Complains of pain after short periods of walking or running.
  • Above all, after some injury, is not back to the older level of exercise.

The selection of the therapist is very important. The therapist should be trained and should have adequate educational background or training desired for the profession as the future of your child is involved.