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Babies learn from each and every activity of the parents. Even small kids who are unable to understand language often understand the tone of the person addressing them. If one looks to the child angrily the child will start weeping. Similarly, if you are talking to the child or reading a book loudly, the child may not understand the contents or what you are saying, but will learn from the parent’s voice and expressions. It can be rightly said that reading a book aloud is not wasting time. A child does try to pay attention to what you are reading, and also tries to understand the tone in which you are reading. This way the child will learn to obey your directions.

As the child grows up, the understanding of the way you turn the page or move the eyeballs will help him improve concentration and understand the pleasure of reading. A child is bound to develop love for reading books, and will enjoy reading  books himself. If the book has pictures, the child will try to identify the objects or colors. Even if the book is without photographs teach the child to move his finger along with you and turn the page. This is bound to improve concentration.

It is essential to fix some reading time every day. At that time sit down with a book and make your child sit and listen. The child will develop enthusiasm and excitement in reading which will be helpful when he grows up and start studies. Even if you are yourself not interested in reading, ensure that in the presence of the child your non liking for reading is not displayed. Otherwise, the child is bound to develop a feeling  that his mom is not interested in reading and it will be ok for him to follow, as the child tends to learn the most from parents. In case of difficulty on your part get some audio book from the computer or internet, start playing it and let the child listen to the same.

Reading helps the child to develop communication and language. Also verbal communication between mother and child will result in development of better understanding between parents and children. If the child is able to develop these skills at an early age it will be of great help to him in his later life. When grown up he or she will be able to achieve better place in society and at work place.