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In today’s time of energy crisis, it is the duty of every individual to develop the habit of using renewable energy. We should change the pattern of energy usage. Developing the habit of using conserved energy will surely assure the existence of our future generations. Our children can enjoy a better and safe life if we start using renewable energy sources.

It is pertinent to teach children to begin developing such a way of life as would enable them to use renewable energy sources all the way through. It is the duty of parents to encourage their children about finding ways to create renewable energy sources. You can purchase a solar experimentation kit for your child and teach him to build and operate renewable energy usage products.

You can allow him to use solar cookers and windmills. It will definitely fascinate the mind of your child and he will also get fresh air, which is good for his health. It is better to spend some money on these types of experiments. These experiments save your child from the damages of video games. It is a fact that video games can prove to be harmful for the vision of children. These games excite the mind of your child and he may become the victim of frustration and idleness. It is also a fact that video game systems take up a mammoth amount of electricity when these are used frequently. On the other hand solar experimentation products develop the scientific outlook of your child and also rejuvenate his mind. These also help your child in learning the value of teamwork.

Not only this, by changing your diet habits you can save the earth and improve your health too. For example, the absence of chicken from our diet can protect us from the hormones, antibiotics and other lethal chemicals that are present in commercial meat. You should try hard to find ways to raise your child in a healthier way. If you start using renewable energy products, there are a lot of things that you can teach your child in order to become a strong and responsible adult.

Tell your child to prepare a list of appliances that are used in your home with the help of energy and also tell him to count the units of energy that we use in a day on all appliances. Encourage him to find ways to reduce the usage of energy resources. Develop the habit of shutting off and unplugging all the appliances when they are not in use. You can hang your wet clothes in the sun instead of drying them in electric dryer. Switch off the lights and fans when you leave the room for a considerable period of time. You can buy educational kits for your children about the usage of renewable energy resources from the market and can search for them over the internet too.