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Bullying is an instinct in some children. It may be developed by the child due to the circumstances prevailing in the family in which he is born and brought up. If the head of the family is in the habit of bullying other members, the child is bound to develop this habit. There is an old saying that the bullies are cowards, these are the children with low self esteem and lack confidence. To overcome their weaknesses they behave in a particular manner.

A study by a TV channel has revealed that majority of the children were found to be bullies, and they had no hesitation to admit this fact. Often aggressive children develop the habit of dictating things to the fellow children and acted like bullies, and surprisingly, such students are popular with fellow students and teachers.

These people are strong and have the physical attributes of athletes and green berets etc. These children are in the habit of calling names and ridicule others, and also are in the habit of threatening others. This is often done to cover their weaknesses. Such children have no consideration for the feelings of others. They enjoy and feel it is good fun to call names to the others.

In this era when television has entered the bedroom, children are often over exposed to the TV. The types of TV programmes watched by children affect the nature and behaviour of the child. If the child is over exposed to violence he is bound to develop habit of being a bully. As the children by nature learn wrong things faster as compared to right things, a child watching movies glorifying the bullies are bound to learn similar habits.

It is the duty of the parents to ensure that the child watches informative programmes and also those meant and made for them. This way your child may learn to be social. The parents of bullying children should ensure that they do not do or discuss anything which may encourage the child to be over reactive. Instead they should teach the child to be compassionate and helpful to others.

They should tell them stories how those who helped others became heroes of society, and got praise and appreciation from even the famous leaders. The teachers of such children should also be involved by parents to instruct the child. In case there is a feeling that the parents and teachers are unable to control the child assistance of an expert counsellor should be taken.