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Babysitting is often taken extremely lightly, which shouldn’t happen under any circumstances. There have been several cases where parents have actually lost their children due to careless baby sitting techniques and ways. Hence when it comes to babysitting, one must become wise and alert only so he could take care of the little one way too well.

While attending a phone call, make sure that the little one is around you so that under no circumstances could he end up hurting himself in any way possible. Do not carelessly keep talking on the phone without paying any heed to whatever the child is up to for it might pose a severe threat to his life too. So, have him sit and play in front of you while you are busy talking to your friend on the phone so that you know his whereabouts. This way you will keep him safe and sound irrespective of your phone call.

Do not let him go near the kitchen or bathroom all by him for it could prove to be fatal in many respects. Also make sure that he is away from the terrace or the balcony so that once again the baby is safe and sound. There have been several cases where the baby sitters got busy while the little one ended up falling from the balcony losing their life in the bargain. Hence be very careful about not letting him venture anywhere close to the balcony or the terrace. Keep him away from insecticides and pesticides which could be carelessly scattered all over the garage or the store where he might just get an opportunity to venture.

Remember to stay cool and calm when it comes to baby sitting. Do not get angry with him for anything and avoid any kind of arguments. It always helps to remain placid for that is when you can think and act sensibly. If you feel he is disrespecting you in any way speak very politely and try to end it like that.

Baby sitting is not a cake walk. It is full of responsibilities and one has to be extremely careful when it comes to taking care of someone else’s child. You cannot, under any circumstances, be light and casual about it for it might even end up taking his life for all you know. So wake up, when it comes to baby sitting.