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child nutrition information and factsEach phase of the development of a child has its own critical nutrition requirements. Following are some important information and facts:

  • 75% of the brains capacity develops between birth and the age of three. By age five, the development of the brains is 90% complete.
  • Starting at the age of two, children should eat moderately low-fat food to avoid health problems later.
  • Between ages eleven and sixteen, children often experienced a major growth spurt.
  • In a study of family nutrition and physical activity, the American Dental Association found that while at least half of parents think their children buy a healthy lunch at school on most days, but about 36% of children actually do. The rest of the time they buy fast food and snack machine in larger quantities than their parents realize.

It is never too early for your child to the right diet needs to start. Scientific research proves why child nutrition is so important.

USDA Child Nutrition Research

What kind of sound nutritional purposes choices, the USDA reported that 85% of children eat less than the recommended five servings of vegetables and fruit per day. Worse still, most of these vegetables in the form of potatoes, like french fries and tomatoes, which come in the form of ketchup. Today’s fast food is cheap, convenient, available in unnecessary super-sized portions, and the appeal to children who are generally less aware than adults to make healthy food choices.

Furthermore, many children are not as active as they used to be. Children rarely ‘walk’ to school and more often play video games instead of running, playing hide and seek. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) notes that 36% of children do not exercise at all. No surprise then, that childhood obesity is on the rise, and according to some estimates, as much as 43% of children diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

There is never an important moment for the health and nutritional choices that can help your children do. It is never never too early to begin a healthy lifestyle with good food.

To help ensure long-term health, start your children with proper nutrition they need today.