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Vomiting is the most common health problem in infants. Either infants depending on milk or taking solid food, it is a common problem. Most infants vomit a bit after feeding. If the infant is fed too much tends to vomit. Or if the food is heavy to digest the infant vomits. If the infant doesn’t like the item or he/she is not willing to eat, spites out.

Two types of vomiting are common in babies- Reflux and Projectile Vomiting. When a valve between stomach and esophagus opens due to any reason, undigested food comes back to esophagus then out through mouth, it is reflux vomiting. When undigested food present in stomach comes out via mouth forcefully, it is projectile vomiting.

Main causes of infant vomiting:

  • Gastroenteritis is the most common reason.
  • Feeding the infant too much of quantity. The infant can’t understand how much to eat. Parents should know how much to feed the infant. Not only quantity, but don’t allow the infant to eat heavy and indigestible food. Infants should eat light, baby food. Don’t feed the infant more than his/her hunger. Overfeeding can cause vomiting.
  • Unhygienic food can cause vomiting in infant. Uncovered and stale food can cause food poisoning. Such foods are infected with bacteria and viruses. This not only causes vomiting but diarrhea also.
  • If suddenly the food habit of the infant is changed, it also can cause vomiting, because the delicate digestive system of an infant can’t digest the new item. The enzymes required to digest it is not being produced. So the undigested food comes out through mouth.
  • If the infant is being given too much medicine for any ailment, it can instigate the tendency of vomiting. Antibiotics, Pain killers etc. are often not digested by infants, which can make them to vomit.
  • Some other health problem can cause vomiting like, in some cases infant vomit in high fever also.
  • ‘Coughing’ also triggers tendency of vomiting in children.

Prevention and cure of infant vomiting:

Never allow the infant to eat the items which is not easily digestible. Too much spicy or fried items or the items with too much cream, butter etc.

The food of the infant should be such that to keep the infant hydrated. Enough fluid should be given to the child. The infant can’t drink much water, so their food should be with sufficient fluid. Vomiting causes dehydration, therefore it is advised to give diet with enough liquid.

Rest is also necessary for the infant suffering from vomiting. Since the infant vomits whatever he/she eats, therefore it creates deficiency of nutrients so the infant becomes weak. So the infant needs rest. A proper care should be taken of the infant.

Even now if the infant is vomiting continuously and if blood or bile is seen with vomiting, don’t neglect, check it up by doctor and start treatment as soon as possible. Continuous vomiting affects health, therefore the infant becomes inactive, irritated and his/her development is affected. Proper rest and earliest care is the main treatment of vomiting.