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Now that your child is old enough to join the nearest play way or kindergarten, why not encourage him to do so. It is always a fun filled experience for every parent to send his child to a play pan. That is where he learns his first few lessons that stay with him all his life. That is where he discovers his first friends and foes who teach him the art of living in this big wide world.

Survey the area close to your house and make sure to spot the best kindergarten for your child so that he gets to learn the right things in the right way. Once you have boiled down on the play pan you’d want your child to attend, make sure you meet the teachers and the principal for further know-how about the same so that you are satisfied that your child’s going to attend the best play school and learn everything like the rest.

Once the school and the teachers have been selected, make sure you see to it that the transport isn’t a problem at all. Be very careful incase the transport if hired through the school. The best would be to pick and drop your child yourself to reduce any kind of an error on the school’s part in the same.

Toilet trained child never suffers. Make sure you have trained your child in terms of visiting the toilet, so that he or she is not troubled when in school. This is something that comes handy when done and vice versa. Let the teachers know how and when your child needs to go to the toilet so that everyone is comfy at the end of the day. Diapers could be of profound help in such cases. Especially when your child isn’t toilet trained and needs comfort and hygiene, both.

Do not cry when you go to see your child off to school for that makes them weak and also troubles the teachers a lot. It is difficult to control such cranky children once their parents leave them at school and go. Be smiling when you go to drop them at school.

Meet the teacher and keep track of what and how your little ones performing at school. Make sure you help him learn all that he picks up at school, even at home so that before he is out of the play pan, he already knows most of all that’s taught to him.

Clothing is yet another important factor. Always send your child in the right clothes to school. Make sure he goes in clean shoes with clipped nails so that he isn’t ticked off as an unhygienic child at school. Always keep a napkin in his bag and be sure to send him nutritious food in his lunch box so that he gets into the habit of eating well too.

Sending your child to a kindergarten is definitely a good experience. Just a little preparation in advance and a few things in mind could make it the best experience too.

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