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When the children do not sit one place and run around or don’t concentrate on a single task, they are termed as hyperactive. Surprisingly, this could be a symptom of a disease called hyperkinesis. This is caused by impulse disturbance which is associated with brain damage.

Hyperactive Kid’s Symptoms

  • Always excited,
  • On extremes either impulsive and hyper or lost and hypo
  • Lack of attention and roam around in the classroom while other concentrate
  • May have learning disabilities
  • Problem with interpreting messages
  • Easily get distracted
  • Difficulty in maintaining relationships with other children
  • Don’t wait for turn to talk, talk too much

This is also called as ‘Attention Deficit Disorder’.

Hyperkinesis is officially defined as “distinct behavioral syndrome in children who exhibit supernormal levels of activity without evidence of neural pathology or brain injury”. Hyperactivity is one of the symptoms of this disorder but they are used synonymously.

Information About Hyperkinesis

  • It’s genetic. The probably of it occurring in children with one of the blood relatives having the syndrome is higher than those without.
  • Males are more susceptible than females
  • Affected children face maturational problem involving the central nervous system
  • Good news is that most children outgrow it by adolescence
  • At times it causes brain damage , dietary or vitamin linked problems ,neurological impairment
  • Avoid food that causes hyperactivity

Children affected by hyperkinesis have problems at school and home. It’s difficult for them to change and adhere to systems. Those with average intelligence perform below average while those with above average intelligence may manage to barely sail through.

But its not end of the world for such children. All these hyperactive children could be put together for specialized training programs to bring them on par with the rest. This way the medication could be kept at the minimum and emphasis could be on reteaching.

All though some amount of breakthrough has been seen in research on hyperactivity but there is a long way to go in finding the common cause and cure. Sometimes the situation becomes very difficult and tricky as in the on class there would be too many hyperactive children. At such times the parents and teacher also require guidance on handling the kids.