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When you want to enjoy with your child in summer, the most common thing to do is to organize a picnic in some water park or on seashore. Everyone loves to engage in recreation in the midst of water in summers. Children want to dive, swim and play in water. Summers invite children to make fun in bathtubs, pools, lakes or the sea. No doubt you can’t stop the strong instinct of children to play in water but you should be very vigilant in this matter. Your negligence can convert fun into tragedy with in a minute. You all know that children are naughty, a turn of your back for 2-3 seconds is sufficient for them to do something mischievous.

You should never leave your child alone and always instruct him to wear a life jacket when he is near deep water. Children don’t know that how deep the water is. They like to go in it for fun. Children are so tender and small that they can drown even in a small amount of water. The first thing you should do to keep your child safe in water is to teach him swimming.  But it does not mean that if your child knows swimming, you can relax. No, you can’t relax at all! You have to supervise your child closely and constantly for his safety. If you are near a pool, make sure that the pool maintainers have lifeguards. You should also advise your child to follow the instructions of lifeguards.

You should attend first aid classes to learn what you should do if the child begins to drown in water. With this you can help many to enjoy safely in water. You should also buy floats of appropriate size for your child. Floats are available easily in the market in different sizes and for different age groups. They make the safety of your child almost certain. You have to set aside all your talks and activities when your child is in water. If you can go with your child in water, nothing is better than that. But keep your child within the reach of your arm.

Sometimes parents give the duty of watching their child to someone else and get busy in their conversation and other chores. This can be dangerous. You should never leave your child at others’ responsibility. Always supervise your child by your own.

You can also buy a hot tub and make a small pool within your home. Hot tubs are big in size and the whole family can enjoy in it. But here again you should be with your children keeping a vigilant eye on them. There have been some incidents when serious causalities happened in the bathtubs too.

If you want to keep your child safe with water play, you must be exceptionally careful about the safety of your tender one.