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picky eater toddlerMany toddlers throw up tantrums while eating foods. While some kids want to eat only their favorite stuffs, other just come up with various excuses for not eating and start messing up the place by throwing them around. All these acts shows that your child has picky eating habits. Here are few ideas on how to deal with such picky eaters.

It’s a good idea to consult a pediatrician and check with the pediatrician whether it’s just picky eating or something more serious and if any vitamin and supplements are required to make the situation better.

As a rule of thumb, parents must be never stresssed while meal time.  The stress would also pass on to toddler and result would be tantrums. Meal time would be disliked by both parents and child.

It’s always hard to judge what the child to like to eat. So its good to try different types of foods and let the child choose what they want. For older children, the choices could be given orally and they should be asked to choose from it. This way children would feel they have got what they wanted and parents are also relieved of the stress of forcing the child to eat. Even if the toddler is a picky eater but he takes complete nutritious diet of food what he likes, then it’s not a matter to worry about.

Some toddlers like crunchy foods like tempura, chicken fingers, and fish sticks with cruchcy coating. While others like soft food items. Some like to dip their food and eat it. They could be served sauce, ketchup, ranches etc to dip their food. To make the food attractive, decorate in an appealing manner.

Those parents, who believe their child is choosy about food, should always carry packed food while going out for lunch/dinner. If it wasnt possible to carry food, then its better to not to go to such places. As if the child doesnt eat then crackiness would set in and there would be no scope of enjoyment and only frustration and stress would remain. Therefore, it’s best to avoid such unpleasantness.

If toddlers or children don’t like to eat certain food items its better not to force it through their throat by bribing, shouting etc. Most adults don’t eat everything in their diet. When the adults have a choice to say ‘no’ to certain food, then why force the child. As the kids grow older, they overcome their pickiness. Even if they carry on, there is nothing wrong about it as everybody has to the right to say ‘no’ to what they don’t like.