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It is the desire of all parents to see that their children are well behaved, and try to meet all possible requirements, even sometimes at the cost of their own comfort. To bring up well mannered and well behaved children parents have to set an example for them by regulating their own conduct in the presence of children.

Different parents follow different methods to impart training to the children. Some follow very rigid methods to discipline the child and some are lenient. In addition to all this, it is necessary for the parents to praise the children for the good deeds done by them. In case due to some reason, they have to reply in the negative to them, the child should be made to feel that it is for his or her betterment. The positive way of raising the child will result in his developing a positive attitude in life.

Just take the example of your daughter wanting to go to her next door friend at odd hours and asks you for your permission. Knowing that she has not done her home work, if you straight way say no she can get furious and get the impression that you are not willing to let her meet and play with friends. The other way can be to explain to her that she should finish the work first and then go. Also it is not good time to visit someone as it is late, and next day, after finishing work, she can go and play for some time. This way she will feel satisfied. In case she creates a fuss, when she has cooled down, explain that whatever she has done is not expected from good children like her and praise her for some of her good deeds. Negative criticism will not be helpful.

All children have both good and bad points. They tend to behave in a different manner under different circumstances. Try to figure out both good and bad points in your child. You should be always ready to praise for good behaviour, and in case of bad behaviour, remember to explain it in a positive manner.

It may be that your child is not behaving well with you but is well behaved with other people in the family, may be grandparents or neighbours. This should be definitely a cause of praise as you will be able to attract the child towards you. If you ignore the positive qualities and always are aggressive to the child, he/she will become timid and tend to move away from you.