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What is the use of education if you are studying for any others ? Most of the students dream from the childhood about their job. Most of them change their ambition in course of time. However, many students are forced to change their ambition. Many parents start dreaming about their child’s career even before they have a child. Most of those parents force their child to be a doctor or an engineer; they force their children to study a particular subject, which the parents choose.

Most of the students who select a course according to the decision of their parents fail to catch their dream. We knew that many students who are forced to study something goes in a different way, which we cannot even think about. Therefore, we could say that we have to choose our way.

No one can catch anything without dreaming hard about that. No one can work hard to make any other catch his or her dreams. Each of us knows that we have to select the course that we choose. If you want to become a doctor, you cannot become an engineer. If you want to become a footballer, you cannot become a cricketer.

You must pursue the course for your kids, which you think he/she is interested in and can complete with enthusiasm. If he is very weak in a subject then how could he study that for his career through out life ? You have to select the course, which you think that is easy for him as per his natural capabilities. No one has been happy when they are forced to study anything for any other. No one is been happy when they choose a career, which they do not like.

Most of the people say that pursue a course of your choice because of they knew that only the favorite course will be completed by a student. Many films, novels and stories give this message. We all knew that the theme of the super hit movie 3-idiots was this. Therefore, we can say in a single voice that “pursue a course of your choice to bright you future”. This is the best message we could give to the students who are going to start a course.