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Most parents panic when they hear the word ‘Jaundice’ and if it’s in their newborn the anxiety levels are all the more higher. But there is nothing really to worry. Parents need not take the blame on themselves for the situation. It could happen to any one any time. When it happens with a newborn, extra care has to be taken to monitor the situation and cure it. When there is any anomaly noticed, it should be reported to the doctor immediately.

For the symptoms of jaundice you need to monitor:

  • Skin colour
  • Colour of the feces
  • Colour of the eyes
  • Baby’s feeding habits

Above are the indications of the health of the infants.

Skin Colour of the baby

Initially, for most babies’s the skin colour would be a light shade of yellow. With course of time, it should turn lighter and lighter and baby’s actual colour should emerge. But if it remains the same or goes darker, then it’s a cause to worry and should be reported to the doctor.

Colour of the feces

There would be slight colour difference in the feces if the baby is not breastfeed. Breastfeeding is recommended especially if the infant is detected with Jaundice as the liver would have lesser toxins to filter and it could put in more efforts of filter out bilirubin. Incase of formula milk, the liver would have filter the whole of the milk formula. However, the feces should be green. If breastfed, the feces would have lots of “seeds” like substances otherwise would have less of “seeds” and the feces would darker in colour. But if the colour is anything apart from these, then the doctor should be consulted immediately.

Colour of the baby’s eyes

Some newborns have yellow colour eyes and then it changes with time. But if it doesn’t change, stays the same or if the colour spreads then the doctor should be informed about it. Even sudden appearance of yellow colour in the eyes should also be reported. This could happen because of the increase in bili count.

Feeding habits of the baby

The babies should be fed every few hours. The more they are fed, the more they would excrete and more bilirubin would be ejected. If the baby’s appetite seems to decrease or looks too sleepy and tired to feed then the doctor should be notified. Eating is important for the baby’s growth especially for the ones with jaundice.

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