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Every body knows that junk food is not very healthy and nutritious for children. By realising this fact, parents should restrict the kids for junk food as regular meal. Saying a big ‘NO’ to junk food would only tempt to eat them more. They might do it without the knowledge of the parents. Instead it’s a good idea to give them the freedom to eat junk food limited occasions and rest of the times maintain a healthy diet. This way the children will also know their limits and have a chance to eat food of their choice for the child and the parents should try to make the child understand the fact. Following are some ideas to avoid junk food from children.

Limit eating junk food to a few times a week

Junk foods like soda are hot favourite among the kids and they are served with kid’s meals at most restaurants. These are sugary and fizzy drinks and not at all healthy. If the kids are thoroughly banned from drinking these then they would think the parents are dictating their diets. Instead, the kids could be given a choice to drink soda one night per week. This would make them feel they are controlling their diets.

Allow school meals once in while

Sending home cooked packed lunch to school with the child is a very good idea. But once in a while the child also would need a change. So the parents should allow the child to eat from the school cafe once in a while. They could allow on a particular day every week. If not, the parents could check with the school’s menu for the days on which the child’s favourite is served.  Out of these days, the parents and child together could shortlist two or three days on which the child could eat at the school’s cafe.

Permit fast-foods

There could be days when the family may have to eat at fast food joints on such days the parents should ensure the child eats less fat food and avoid fizzy drinks. Instead milk or orange juice should be ordered. If not plain water could serve as a drink.

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