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Parents should always encourage children for regular teeth cleaning activities. Normally all children do not like brushing as they feel it is a boring unnecessary daily task. But it is a very good habit for children to properly brush the teeth twice daily for healthy and shiny teeth.

Some good dental care habits for children
  • The children should develop good oral practices with early age. It is also important that they break the bad habits like going to the bed with a bottle. It is an extremely bad practice drinking any fluid which has sugar in it, can cause the very fast dental decomposition. The sugar substances react on the teeth throughout the night, which can cause the dental decomposition immediately.
  • Another practice which is bad, the sucking thumb or the practice of suction of finger. Parents should try to remove this practice of child as it causes uneven teeth development and infection in gums.
  • Toothpaste is mostly sweet in taste, so children like its taste and start swallowing it. Parents should watch their children that they don’t swallow the toothpaste.
Teaching children about dental hygiene
  • It is important for children to brush the teeth twice daily,especially before going to bed in the night. This good habit should be developed in children at early age, as this is very important for the protection of teeth from unnecessary cavity or plaque.
  • Choose small, pea size, toothbrush with very soft bristles.
  • It is also very important that you brush the teeth of your child till the age they can brush himself properly.
  • Dental checkup with doctor should be regular.
Give children water after sweet syrups
  • Children refuse to take any medicine which is unpleasant in taste. That is why flavored and sweet syrups are given to them after medicines.
  • You must make your child drink a few sips of water, after giving any sweet syrup.
  • If sugar is left in the mouth it can eat away the enamel of the teeth and damage them. If possible, ask your child to brush the after having sweets.