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Overweight and obesity is a problem to the kids as much it’s to the adults.  They run a risk of health problems to a higher degree than the normal ones. Generally overweight parents have overweight children. The right thing to do to get them to shape is to these kids lots of physical exercise. But exercising is not really interesting and it would not be easy to get them to do it. So it’s better to get them to do physical activity in which they have fun as well burn their fat as well.

Getting these kids to play organized sports like hockey, football, basketball, tennis etc in which they would have keep moving would be good fun for them as well as good exercise. They wouldn’t realise it’s an exercise at all.

Hiking is good fun also a good exercise. Children generally like climbing hill, crossing river, jumping over rocks, climbing trees or just a long walk in the forest. Scavenger hunt is good idea. The kids could hours walking and rummaging through the woods. On these events, they should be provided with plenty of water and adequate food so that they don’t get exhausted.

Swimming is a very good exercise for slimming down. Kids could be taken at least once a week to community pools or pools in the schools or other private pools and have fun in the water. Swimming helps in shaping up the legs, arms and a good exercise for cardiovascular system.

Biking is a fantastic exercise. It’s helps to shape the legs, upper body and also works on cardiovascular system. It’s more fun if the whole family is involved in biking. All of them could bike to country side and have a picnic lunch. This way the kids would get to see a lot of things enroute which they would have missed if driven in a car and also would get lots of exercise too.

Kids would complain about monotonous activities like walking or jogging. But if the same activities are cleverly packed as game or anything of kids’ interest, they would love to do it. If the whole family is involved in these activities then there is two in one benefit. The whole family would get to exercise and also have a fun filled family time.

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