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Cradle cap is a skin condition that usually takes place in infants. It is caused when the oils that are secreted from the infant’s body dry up in a large amount. The parts of the body that are usually affected by this are scalp, eyebrows, head and the skin at the back of the ears.

Cradle cap symptoms

A very prominent symptom is the presence of a yellowish or whitish coating on the head of the baby. Most often this layer is dry but in some cases a slight amount of redness is visible under this layer.

What causes cradle cap ?

Much research has been done to ascertain its exact cause but till date various theories are prevalent in this regard. This condition is not related to any type of illness nor is it an indication that the baby is living in an unhealthy environment or is not well cared for.

According to a theory this skin condition can be a symptom of the deficiency of Vitamin H in the case of very few babies. If this condition is a result of the deficiency of Biotin (Vitamin H), then it is very likely that it will be more prevalent in babies who are under breast-feeding. The reason for this is that mother’s milk does not contain Biotin. But you, as parents, should feel rest assured because this disease is not infectious and does not hurt your baby even slightly. Its only demerit is that it looks very untidy on your baby and gives the impression that your baby is suffering from some kind of skin disease.

Cradle cap treatment

One very safe method is to switch over to organic shampoos. You simply wash the concerned area with an organic shampoo and warm water. While cleaning the head, apply the shampoo with the help of a soft toothbrush. The scales of the deposited layer tend to loosen in this way. In addition to this, organic shampoos often contain Aloe Vera, various vitamins like Vitamin A, C, and E and natural oils like olive oil or almond oil. All these substances take care of your baby’s delicate skin and help in making it healthier.

Another method is to apply the medicinal olive oil on the affected part. First of all, you should warm it in a microwave oven and then massage the affected part with it for quite some time. After applying it you should leave the affected part as it is for about 12 hours. Its better that you apply this oil at night. The next morning, the effect of oil will result in the softening of the flakes, which then can be removed easily. It is recommended that you use a fine toothcomb to remove the flakes (in the case of scalp). After removing sufficient quantity of these flakes you should not leave the area (mostly the scalp) as it is but wash it with an organics shampoo. You can again repeat this oil treatment after a couple of days in case whole of the whitish layer is not removed in one try.