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Children with learning disability are those who have difficulty in concentration on something including studies. It is observed that quite a large number of such children complete studies at home. They are not sent to school by the parents to avoid humiliation and consequent depression that the child may have to face due to the attitude or behaviour of fellow students who are normal.

When the parents decide to administer education to their child at home they should first of all make a thorough study of the prevailing legal provisions in this regard. If someone providing such education is not personally known to you put a search on internet to find the existence of some e-group on providing education at home to such differently able children. By reading the contents available on the net you will be able to know the difficulties faced by people in imparting such education and what methods are employed by others for home schooling. If possible, fix up meeting with other parents to get first hand information.

Once you are certain and have decided to provide education at home, thoroughly study the prevailing laws that are applicable in your country or state. Download a copy of the relevant rules and regulations and take a hard copy of the whole material for study. Both the parents should study and discuss, if need be take the assistance of some legal consultant to ensure that you are not violating any legal formalities. A thorough study and understanding is needed as you may have to discuss and debate the regulations with certain authorities.

The next step will be registering your child with the authorities or some school approved by education department for conduct of assessment of progress made by your child. Some states provide financial help to such students ensure that your child is duly registered for this financial aid.

Once the formalities are completed then comes the time of providing education. This needs lot of planning. You first of all need to plan the timetable for studies and extracurricular activities including games much needed for physical exercise and development.

In addition to the formal subjects like language and maths such children require special skill training and education for development of brain functions. Search the net and you will be able to find many e-books on the subject. Properly study them and then impart education to your child. Ensure to take the child to specified school for evaluation of progress, and follow the timetable punctually. By putting in much needed efforts you will certainly see progress in your child.