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Moral and Spiritual Development in ChildrenChildren who are brought up in a religious or a spiritually inclined family always understand the meaning and importance of the same. Growing up is the right age when all children could be taught good habits including the significance of spirituality in living everyday life.

It is imperative for you as a parent to instill moral and spiritual development in children, so that they know what their scriptures have got to say about the various deeds, whether good or bad, that are still being practiced by us every now and then.

  • To begin with, be sure of following a healthy religious regime from day one so that the child sees the trend at home only so he could follow suit. Get up with a prayer and also make sure that all of your turn in every night, only after saying your prayers. They should know how a prayer plays an important role in our day to day stress filled life. Make them understand the meaning of some prayers for children so that they know it’s the best way to bond with the almighty for peace and harmony.
  • Celebrate religious festivals at home with the family including your kids so that they know why they are made to do the same too. It is important for kids to be close to God from day one so that their belief in him keeps them calm and cool, apart from being positive ahead in life.
  • Good and bad comes from your faith in God. When you tell your kids that God helps those who help themselves you automatically see them getting self reliant and independent.
  • Go to the temple or church or any of the religious place you follow to offer prayers once in a while so that your children learn to do the same. Tell them stories of Gods and Goddesses so that they understand their mythological history. When children are grown up to read, give them books of tales and stories related to almighty God.
  • When kids see parents being religious and God fearing they tend to do the same so you as a parent should begin first. Ask them to join you for your usual meditation sessions only to learn more about being peaceful and calm in life.
  • Read out the holy book to them irrespective of whether they understand it or not and tell them stories for them so that they know what’s right and what’s not.
  • Having faith in god and being religious always makes a person a better, cooler and calmer person. It makes him positive to such an extent that he can fight the worst situation with a smile and ease.

Hence make your children spiritual and religious from the very beginning. It only does good to their souls.