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Learning disability is a disorder which is present in many children. Research has found that the boys are affected more by this disability as compared to girls. Quite a large number of children are affected by one form or the other of this problem. It is not correct to associate this disability with some disease.

This is a curable disability and special attention and encouragement is needed to be given to the children affected by this disorder. If taken care at an early stage, the affected person can lead a normal life and attain high position in society. A large number of persons affected due to LD have achieved high position in different fields and attained popularity.

According to an estimate about 40 percent of the children are affected by one form or the other of this disorder. Parents are the first to notice the disorder in the child. Thereafter follows the teacher. The moment the parents notice the existence of learning disorder in the child they should not feel frightened and immediately take the help of an expert for full diagnosis and cure. The disorder is caused by improper development of the brain during pregnancy or injury during early childhood. This is also considered to be hereditary in nature, and if one child is affected the other is also likely to be affected.

The most common learning disorders are difficulty in learning language. A child finds it difficult to either learn words or recognise words like p and q or sometimes the child can read but cannot write, he may find difficulty in spelling words. Learning maths is another problem with these children. Maths involves different types of calculations. The child is unable to recollect which calculation is to be applied where. Similarly where reasoning is involved a person suffering from learning disability gets struck.

Attention deficit disorder is another form of learning disability. Those suffering from this are unable to perform consistently. They are either hyperactive or passive or impulsive and cannot pay continuous attention to anything. Sometimes they are unable to decide from where to start and how to continue. Hyperactive children cannot sit at a place for some time and tends to move from one place to the other. The energy of such children needs to be properly utilized otherwise they may become destructive.

Once the problem is identified it is necessary that the specialised learning programme as developed by the educationists be immediately applied and followed. This is curable if attended to from the beginning.