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motion sickness children kidsMotion sickness is an ailment which is caused by conflicting signals to the brain by eyes and ears. Brain may receive wrong signals in the moving vehicle like car, ship, airplane, space ship. In moving situation, the mind resolves conflicting results between vision and balance, which leads to nausea in some children and adults as well.

Children may complain about uneasiness before actually vomiting gets started. It is better to make child to focus on a distant point outside the car to avoid it. Greasy and heavy meal should be avoided to prevent it.

Causes of motion sickness in children

  • Motion sickness may occur on conflict between the ear and eye in the moving vehicle.
  • Car, plane, train or boat movement will confuse the child’s mind to cause nausea.
  • Air, space, simulator, sea sicknesses can be experienced by children.
  • Certain rings in ear tell the brain to which directions they are moving.
  • Watching software creations, video games on screen can make the kids feel sickness.
  • Looking out windows in the plane will cause motion sickness.
  • The space flights will cause space sickness.
  • Riding a boat or moving in a ship can cause sea sickness.
  • For Not going over the highest floor to look out over the horizon.

Motion sickness symptoms in kids

Dizziness, nausea, vomiting, pale or sweaty face can be seen in children. No appetite is felt while going through this sickness. Headaches or uncomfortableness may be experienced. Vomiting can bring uneasiness and dizziness can create fear in mind of the child.


It is advised to take rest to decrease this problem. Some medication can be taken to control nausea and vomiting. Children should be allowed to move out to get some fresh air. Avoid smoking or strong smelling foods in the vehicle. Try to avoid sitting in the rear seat. The fast braking and hairpin turns may be avoided to skip this ailment. Light meal should be taken during traveling. Ginger will work wonder to cure the stomach.


  • Try to encourage the child to focus on a distant point outside the vehicle.
  • Let the child to play car games to get him look outside.
  • Let the child listen music of his interest.
  • Avoid reading or playing hand held video games.
  • Position the child in the seat to look outside.
  • Rear seat in the car causes more motion sickness than front.
  • Fresh air be allowed in the vehicle.
  • Avoid heavy, greasy foods.
  • Driving should be smooth.
  • Frequent breaks in journey to let the child get out of the vehicle for a while helps a lot.
  • Pay attention to child’s uneasiness.
  • Attend to the child’s appetite to avoid serious problem later on.

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