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Attention Deficit Disorder is a disorder found in children as a result of which the child is unable to concentrate on the work he is supposed to do. Most of the time ADD child is not just choosing not to do their work but they are struggling to get on track and stay there.

Such a child can be encouraged to do work and be successful in school by following some simple ideas which can include the following:

Rewarding system does work in such children and will be of help to him. It is known fact that such a child is unable to fully concentrate and do home work, simply giving ZERO or lowest grade to such a child will lead to discouragement, instead the child should be rewarded, giving small things like stickers with a message printed on it after completing the home work will be helpful. Such children live in the present and they do not understand future. Rewarding them instantly will help.

Remember as a parent or a teacher, such a child is not choosing to sit idle, he does not understand how to or when to or where to begin the work. He does not understand and it is not that he does not want to perform. An encouragement will be of help to the child. Encouraging the child with gentle prodding by saying that he is working hard and should put in more efforts will help a lot. A few negative words or some caustic remarks will discourage and bring down the self esteem.

These children have inbuilt talent and it is found that some of them are extremely talented in some sphere of life. It is necessary to find this talent and encourage the child. If the child is good at arts he should be rewarded by allowing extra time to  do art work, similarly on completion of work child may be allowed time to play. This type of reward associated with further learning will help. Allowing the child to mix up with fellow students and participate in discussions will help development of his brain and he will also be able to develop reasoning skill.

Remember that this is a disability mostly specific to a child. What works for one child will not work for the other. The parents and teachers of such a child should try and find out specific qualities individually and try finding solutions and rewarding scheme. General or universal methods may not work. The child deserves respect and should not be insulted or bullied down at any cost.