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Are you a parent who unleashes gruesome punishments for the failure of your child in a class test? Then, stop it a while and look into you. Did you ever encourage them when they made a small betterment in their studies? Or are you approaching them with your endless wish list to them? Then this is the time for changing yourself.

Everybody wants their children should come in the first place in all activities including school studies and sports. To attain this objective, they impose duties on their child beyond their abilities. But, parents should think that they have the responsibility to make or break a child’s future. If you impose unbearable burden on them, they may either become aggressive or they may lose their confidence. Instead, the parents should approach them with a positive mentality.

The minds of children are very delicate. They may easily hurt with even a harsh word. So, handling a child is very difficult and greater care is needed to bringing up them in the right direction. Just like nurturing a plant, children also need proper care unless they will perish in the scorching sun.

Exams, the first battlefield for children

The newspapers and other media will be filled with the news of suicides of children who failed in the crucial examinations. But did you ever think the root cause of this problem? If they failed in an exam, they have to answerable to their parents, teachers and even the neighbours and friends as well. They may also feel ashamed if they failed. So, they may think that it is better to end their life instead of facing all these problems.

The parents and teachers have biggest roles in preparing a child for examinations and regain their confidence by encouraging them. Just like Lord Krishna motivated Arjuna for the biggest battle, Mahabharata, parents and teachers should also motivate them and make them able to face the exams fearlessly. They should tell them that just try their maximum and leave the rest to fate. Lord Krishna didn’t help Arjuna in the battle. But the Lord encouraged him and helped him to regain his confidence. Just like that way, the parents and teachers should regain the confidence of the children to prepare them to face the battle, the exams.

Don’t label them Stupid

Parents, teachers, friends, etc are very eager to label a child as stupid who shows less interest in their studies. But before labelling them, watch them carefully, you will find out the abilities of your child. Encourage them by finding out their abilities. Different children have different kind of abilities. Some may have interest in sports, arts or such extracurricular activities. Encourage and motivate them by finding their interests. You must not impose your interest on them. But you should bring out their interests. So that they will reap cent percent success in their interesting field.

Parents should realise that learning lessons is not the only objective for education. You can develop a new generation, who obey the existing laws, who give respect to the elders, who are giving importance to protecting the environment, only if you know the importance of motivation.

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