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Games are the heartbeat of children. Children forget everything when they play games. Games are the weakness not only of children but adults too love to spend a handsome time on games if they have it. Almost all the popular games today have a story with them. When the story develops with your right efforts, children just go mad with elation.

Online games are considered safe for children. As online games are time bound, children can learn the importance of each minute and second. Online games also enhance creativity and imagination in children. Children learn many new things from online games.

Online games are helpful in developing motor skills in children too. Many online games are quiz games or creative games. Playing these games is a good exercise for the brain. When a child moves step by step ahead in online games, the spirit of competition also increases in him. As these games are multi-player games, children learn team spirit and cooperation also.

It is a famous saying that excess of everything is bad. The same applies in this case. Children stop thinking about their homework, friends, parents, eating, sleeping, everything when they play online games. This puts a negative impact on their health. Social, physical, mental and psychological health suffers due to over indulgence in online games. Eyesight of the children can also get weak if they continually play online games. Nonstop and thrilling sound affects may also affect the brain development. Continuous noise can make your child irritable and tired.

Sometimes stories of the games are difficult to decode and when the child fails to play that game, he starts blaming himself and develops a kind of negative feeling. According to a research online games put great stress on the minds of tender children. Some sites offer unethical games too. If your child is in the growing age, these games can prove a serious blow to his mental and ethical development. Children get easily fascinated by these games so it’s very difficult to make them understand the direct and indirect effects of these games.

But it is up to you only to advise your child to eliminate his over dependence on online games. Such a child tends to become socially isolated and hyperactive. You can arrange a trip to a relative or friend’s house to give your child a change. You can also motivate your child to play healthy games with his friends. You should fix a strict limit on the time of playing online games. You can lock the computer with a password too.

These games are not bad for your child so don’t bring a complete halt to the playing of these games. You should also keep an eye on the nature of games your child is playing. If he is on some unethical game sites, reprimand him sternly as it is the question of the health of his mind and heart.