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It is important that your child plays, as by playing he gets exercise necessary for healthy development of his body and muscles. The child can get maximum exercise by playing outdoor games. Just as exercise is necessary, safety of the child is equally important. There are specific safety guards available for different games. It is necessary for the parents to ensure that the child puts on these guards when he goes to play. In addition to this certain general safety precautions need to be taken to ensure safety of the child.

Especially in hot weather it is necessary to carry a cool drinking water bottle when you take your child to playground. While running around playing with children the child often looses lot of water due to perspiration which needs to be replenished otherwise the child may be dehydrated which is very dangerous.

When your child goes out for cycling or skating ensure that he puts on a helmet, knee and elbow guards. It is not only necessary that the child is putting on guards it is equally essential that these should be of proper size and tied properly. They should be of standard specifications. Improper guards may break in case of fall or hit and the child may get injured.

If the child plays at home in his own garden fitted with some games like swings etc. ensure that these are properly checked. If there is rust or cracks in any part of the game get it repaired immediately. In public parks administering authority does make arrangement for regular inspection, still the parents should check them as safety of all children playing in park is involved. In the ground long grass should not be there as this can be breeding ground for harmful insects. The ground or the playing area should be dry to avoid injury due to slipping.

It is necessary to properly cordon off the area in which water body or pool is there. Ensure that no dirty or waste objects are dumped in the ground or nearby. Existence of such dump or dirty stagnant water will act as breeding ground for mosquitoes which can spread infectious diseases.

Do not allow the child to play on the road where vehicles pass at high speed. Ensure that there are adequate numbers of speed breaker humps on all sides or lanes to retard speed of the vehicles. If they are not present take up the matter with municipal authorities.

It is advisable to carry the picture of the child with you as in case the child loses his way, it can be shown to people to trace him out. Keep a constant watch on the child as for safety supervision is necessary.