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kids children water gamesWater is synonymous with fun for kids of all age groups. They simply love to play with water each time opportunity knocks. Especially during their summer vacation, when time permits them to be at home, away from their course books, it’s just the right occasion to play water games and beat it all up!

There are numerous ways to have fun in the water. Even sitting outside a pool with your feet submerged in it makes life interesting enough. But once in while, indulging in good water games that could add more fun to a party or a picnic is definitely not a bad deal.

Musical sprinkler is a fantastic way to cheer up the children of all ages. All you need to do is hook up a sprinkler to your water source and ask the kids to circle it dancing and hopping with good music in the background. The moment the music stops, ask them to stand in funny poses or statues while the sprinkler is merrily watering their heads and toes, until the music starts playing again. Make sure you ask their parents to carry a change in this case.

Water limbo is yet another fun filled activity enjoyed by many. All you need is a hose connected to the water source and a line of kids before it. Now each time the water gushes out, ask the kids to save themselves from it. The losers obviously get soaked.

Bubble pool is indispensable. Set up a little pool and fill it up with bubble solution. Supply the little ones with a range of bubble blowers. Have each child stand in the middle of the bubble pool with a hula hoop. Pull the hoop upward to create a mega-bubble with the child inside it!

Water war will remind the kids of the festival of colors celebrated in India, Holi. Ask them to fill up their squirt bottles and sprays and run wild wetting each other with water. This is the best way to watch them have a great time with their friends.

Fun with the ice cubes. First divide the players into two teams. The first player on each is given an ice cube. The child must rub the ice cube between his hands for as long as possible to try to make it melt. When he gets too cold, the ice cube is passed to the next in line. The first team to melt the ice wins.

After all, it’s all about striking a conversation with water at the end of the day!