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Drugs available in the market have been classified into different categories, considering the effects that the patient may have as a result of consuming them. Some of the medicines can be purchased only by presenting the prescription of the doctor, while the others called over the counter drugs are available in stores and can be purchased by any one. These medicines may be consumed by a person depending upon the symptoms, but it is essential to be doubly sure of the medicine and dosage before giving it to the child.

Despite all this, it is better if the doctor is consulted before giving any medicine to the child. Still if you feel that you can give some of the medicines to the child, here are some of the general medicines available in stores which can be administered to the child for ordinary ailments.

Most common ailment which the child faces is blocked nose or running nose. In case the nose is choked to the extent that it cannot be blown then nasal decongestant is needed. Nose sprays are available over the counter. The medicine is sprayed in the nose of the child and it tends to decongest the nose to allow passing of air. Remember these are not to be used continuously for long time.

Next is running nose. This can be associated with or without sore throat and cough. In such a case, for running nose the child will need some antihistamine drug. These medicines have a tendency to induce sleep. For this reason it is better if these types of drugs are administered after school hours, preferably at night. This will help dry up the running nose. For cough and sore throat you should give some cough syrup which helps suppress cough. With cough the child may feel like spitting out. It is better that the child spits out cough coming out, this will help clear the chest fast. Cough syrup is normally a safe drug and can be given about four times a day to the child.

If, along with these symptoms, the child has fever then a combination of medicines may be required. For fever the child may be given some medicine which has acetaminophen instead of giving aspirin or ibuprofen. In case of very high fever aspirin or paracetamol may be tried with doctors consultation. Along with these medicines, a pill of multi vitamin will be helpful.

If possible, before buying the medicine, consult about the medicine that will be required with the store manager, after telling him the symptoms and age of the child. Remember that if your child is allergic to some drug never administer it or other drug of the same family without consulting the doctor. It will be better even if you have to wait for the doctor for some time, or you may travel some distance to meet him, as the health and well being of your kids is involved.