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When toddlers or children play together, and if any one of them is infected with parasites, the whole group is likely to get them. These parasites tend to multiply very fast, and once anyone in the house is affected, the other members of the family are likely to have them.

One of the most common parasites that affect the human beings is lice. These are very small insects which usually base themselves in the hair stands. It is often difficult to see the lice in the hair of the child. However, if the child continues to scratch the head, in the absence of dandruff, chances are the presence of lice. Once there are symptoms, it is essential to carefully inspect the toddlers head. Remember that even with the slightest touch of your hand to your head after trying to clean the head of the child, you are also likely to get infected.

A large number of anti lice shampoos are available in the market. Consult your doctor or the mother of some other toddler and buy a bottle of shampoo. It is necessary to clean the hair of the child after rubbing them properly with shampoo. After applying shampoo rinse the hair with clean running water. This way most of the lice present in the head will die. Comb the hair with a very fine comb, with teeth close together, to fully remove the dead lice and eggs. If possible, get the toddler’s hair cut short for proper cleaning.

The next infestation of the parasites the toddlers normally gets is worms. These are ringworms and pinworms. Ringworms normally live and multiply in fungus and enters human body through mouth or eyes. If the child touches something with fungus and without washing hands put them in his mouth or touches eyes he is likely to get infested with ringworms. These can be seen as rings on the skin.

Pinworms usually spread from bathroom. These worms lay eggs in the anus area, the symptom of existence of these in your toddler is that he will scratch the anus around midnight and will feel discomfort during the day also. When a child infested with these worms touches the tap of the washroom and another child touches it these will stick to his hands and enter the body through any opening.

Both these worms can be eliminated by proper medication. However the best preventive method is washing of hands with mild soap at regular intervals. If any member of the family gets infested it is better that all the members get treated.