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Building Communication with your Child's TeacherParents are the first teachers of a child. A child tends to learn the most from parents, quite often every act of the parents is copied by the child. After the child gets his first lessons from the parents, then comes the turn of the teacher. Once in school, the child starts formal learning from teachers. This formal education is important to a child, for it enables him to grow up and become a better citizen. For proper development of the child, it is necessary that both parents and teachers work as a team.

Don’t avoid meeting with teacher
  • For communicating with the teacher, parents have to visit the child’s school regularly or whenever needed. It is found that quite a number of parents are scared of visiting the school even for routine parent teacher meet.
  • Never be afraid of the teacher, at the most you may get to listen to the complaints of child. Even if there are complaints, to know the situation of child in school is important for parents. Only this way they will be able to take remedial measures.
  • While meeting the teacher remember never to be on defensive but always be ready to explain the reason for the problems of the child. Open and clear communication is a must for betterment of the child.
Important Tips while meeting

Children should know that both the parents and teachers are aware of his habits. As far as possible ensure that the atmosphere at home when the child studies is the same that prevails at school. For proper communication the following should be kept in mind:

  • Never wait till the problem aggravates. Some parents have a tendency to avoid visiting the teacher till matters get out of hand.
  • If you feel that the child has a problem, go to the school immediately and discuss it with the teacher.
  • The teacher should not get impression from your discussion that you are accusing him/her of non performance of duties, or for the problem of child. Discuss and find the solution.
  • Remember that at home you have to deal with only your child, but the teacher has to deal with a large number of students and has to divide the time between them.

As far as possible try to spend some time in school to observe the behavior of the child. If permitted, try to assist the teacher in his work. This way the child will develop better confidence in both of you. Give suggestions but never try to force the teacher on some matter, remember that the teacher is expert in his line of profession. Similarly be always open to receive the suggestions of the teacher.