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expectations from children“Expectations lead to frustration”, holds true in many cases and respects. Be it parents of  a new born or even a woman married for decades. Wherever people expect, it only ends up in disappointment or dejection. Despite the aforementioned, we still continue to expect from each other for, after all we are human and not next to divine.

When it comes to expecting from your children, you take it as a right. Right from holding your little one in your arms when he’s just a newborn to the time he goes to school and college, you expect the world from him. But in no way are you wrong as parents for somewhere in those little expectations there is the element of love. Every parent wants his child to be the best at the end of the day and that is what causes them to expect, which isn’t wrong in any way.

Parents expect them to be obedient most of the time for that is how their beginning should be. If a child is respectful and dutiful from day one, there isn’t a doubt he won’t do well ahead.

Children are always expected to keep their surroundings clean and never compromise on hygiene. This is something that all the parents want their children to do. It constantly pays to be neat and tidy for if you know what it means to be spotlessly clean, you will always move ahead in life.

Study sleep and speak well. The three words that begin with an “S”, make more sense than ever when followed religiously by every child. All parents wish their child excels in the aforementioned three as that is yet another way of making your children stand tall in a crowd.

All parents want to live their dreams through their little ones. This one holds true in almost all cases. Parents wish to see their children shining like a star in the world outside once they grow up. They would love to see their youngsters scale all heights that they ever failed to scale when they were as young as their kids. So expecting your child to do well in life isn’t a bad deal at all.

Albeit, there have been cases of parents enforcing their ideas on their children making it difficult for them to excel anywhere. Hence the only way all parents could merrily expect is by guiding them to do well ahead and never enforcing any idea on them for that is when an expectation leads to frustration.