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Attention Deficit Disorder is a problem faced by children as a result of which they are unable to concentrate on the tasks they do. Such children are unable to decide the routine for doing a particular thing. They are unable to decide where to start, how to proceed and how to end. For any task it is necessary that they should be guided properly and repeatedly.

These children on their own cannot judge that they are lacking something, however sometimes they feel depressed. It is the duty of the parents, teachers and others looking after such children to be positive in dealing with them, be polite and persuasive. Despite the greatest provocation they should not get angry at the child as it will lead to further depression and the child will be unable to do even what he is otherwise capable and does in routine.

For raising such a child the following simple points should always be kept in mind:

Always be polite and let the child feel that you are attached to him or her. Touching the child will generate a lot of confidence in the child and he will be able to perform better. It is not that this will be always required but slowly the child will develop habit of attending to your call by touch or even verbal requests. These children often get annoyed or disobedient but the caretakers should keep cool and continue to be persuasive.

The next thing that will help the child a lot is repeating with full patience any one particular message. If you are able to keep cool and ask the child again and again to do something the brain of ADD child will register the thing. Slowly the child will develop the habit of following directions. Like, if you are to take your child to school and you want him to close the bag, you may have to repeat this direction again and again. Slowly, may be after a few days, the child will understand that for going to school he has to close his bag and may be able to do on his own.

These children need lot of attention, even if you are in hurry to leave and your child wants you to help him out of some issue, as far as possible be with him, may be for a few moments and try helping. Thereafter you may tell him that you are in hurry and ask him as if you are taking his permission to leave. This will generate lot of confidence in the child.

Similarly for teaching the lessons you have to be cool and persuasive. This way you can help your child out of the difficulty.