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Children look up to parents and their opinion matters a lot to them. The children’s feelings are very fragile so parents must be careful how they voice their thoughts. Mothers must refrain from threatening them of the consequences when the father gets home if the children are being naughty or they will begin to be afraid of the father. They may not be able to share a healthy relationship with the father and may hate him for disciplining them.

The parents must appreciate the effort the child makes in school to get good grades and his work should not be belittled or he may lose interest in studies. He may feel that he is good for nothing and not able to meet the expectations of his parents.

If a child is already upset it is not good to try to stop him from crying by spanking him. Gentle words would soothe him. Try to find out what is wrong and rectify it, if possible. A child should not be made to feel that his parents are doing a favour to him by providing a house where he can stay. It is the duty of the parents to do that. A child may want to leave home and live somewhere else, as soon as he is able to, if made to feel obligated. The image of parents will be tarnished in his eyes and he will carry the hurt lifelong.

The parents should not be rude and use words like shut up to quieten a child. Even children should be treated with due respect as they learn from the words and behaviour of parents. All parents should try to get rid of their bad habits for the sake of their children. Just because the children are small, it does not mean that their feelings cannot be hurt.

Often parents have to disagree with their child or say no to toys or going out. If the parents explain why they have taken that decision, children would be in a better position to take it sportingly. They would know that their interest and well being has prompted whatever the parents have decided.

Parents and children will disagree over many things but if parents use mild words and are polite then children will be readier to accept the chastisement. Better understanding will develop between them, making for happier families.