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It takes a lot to punish their child for the parents. But it becomes important at times to discipline the child. Punishing is not the only form of disciplining. There are other techniques as well. As each child is different, the means of disciplining the child should be different too. The punishment should also differ from mistake to mistake. If the children are given the most severe punishment for every little mistake then they would get immune to it.

The most important aspect of disciplining children is to make them understand that they would face a consequence for each of their bad behaviour.  The disciplining could be spanking although it doesn’t yield very good results, talking to the child about the mistake or any thing else. It’s also good to assess the gravity of the situation and then decide which would be effective and then punish the child accordingly. The idea of punishing is just to condemn bad behaviour but also to encourage them to not repeat it and develop good behaviour.

Sometimes the child may not know how to react at certain situation and might upset the parents. After going it, they might realise that they have broken the rule and the parents are aware of it and unhappy about it. Such times, it may be good to talk to the child as to what would have been the appropriate action for the child rather than punishing them. They should be told behave appropriately next time. On the other hand, there would be situations when the child is fully aware of the fact that it’s a bad behaviour like hitting a student at school. At such times its good to punish the child severely to not to repeat it again and also understand the pain the undergone by the affected person.

While punishing especially severely, the pluses and minus of the situation should be clearly assessed. It should be aimed at reforming the child. If a certain technique doesn’t work well, then the parents must switch to different technique.

Home is the child’s first school and parents are the first teachers. They should realise the responsibility and use appropriate measures to teach the child the good behaviour.