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As parents you must be extremely careful when your children begin to crawl around the house as they could be dangerously investigational and experimental sometimes. When children become seven or eight months old, they want to touch and taste everything that comes before them. Hence, this is the time for you to act sensibly by keeping all the unwanted dicey things under lock and key instead of simply scattering them all over the place, carelessly.

When it comes to your medical box, do not leave it on your dressing table without any lock and key, it could prove to be highly dangerous for your little one’s health and well being, if he picks up any tablet from it and pop it without your knowing. Hence, throw away all the medicines that have expired and are simply lying, collecting dust in the medicine box.

Gardening could be fun but sometimes your favorite hobby could prove to be dangerously unpredictable for your child’s life. Hence, make it a point to keep all the pesticides, insecticides and spades at bay. Leave absolutely no scope for your little one to get his anxious hands on anything poisonous. You as parents have to be very responsible in such cases. Do not take it lightly, it might just cost you your child’s life.

Cleaning chemicals and cosmetics should never be kept anywhere within your little one’s reach. Keep it on the cupboard space or in your drawers instead. Throw away all your old expired creams and lipsticks for they could be highly dangerous for you and your child, both. Be very alert and careful each time your child begins to venture around in the house so that you know all that he does. Be aware of his everyday activities and don’t ever leave him alone under any circumstances.

Your child’s life is very important so do not be careless enough to leave him anywhere unattended. Act responsible and be a mature parent by taking care of some of the aforementioned factors for your little one’s safety.