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Periodic medical check up is essential to monitor health of the child on regular basis. It is said that prevention is better than cure. By regular medical check up you are taking preventive steps to keep your child free from diseases. By routine checkups, the consulting doctor will be able to have a record of the medical history of the child, helpful in case of future need.

However taking the child for check up can sometimes be a project. It is necessary that the child should be mentally prepared in advance about the necessity of check up. If the child is not prepared for it, there are chances that he will create a scene when at the clinic and may cry and scream to prevent the doctor or the nurse to conduct check up or give a shot. It is necessary that the child should be calm and willing to go for his check up.

The time of appointment is quite crucial. Small kids are happy in the morning after finishing breakfast, whereas school going children are normally happy after completing school. Fixing the appointment with the doctor at the time at which your child feels happy will be of great help in conducting medical check up in a peaceful manner.

The child should be explained about the importance of visit to the doctor. This message should be conveyed in clear and unambiguous words. The child should be able to clearly understand as to what the doctor will do with him in clinic. Do not tell lies or try to befool the child as when at the clinic he comes to know that whatever was told to him was wrong, the child will lose faith in you.

The older children can understand the purpose in a better way, but the message should be clear and firm. If the child is resisting he should be told that there is no alternative. If possible pick up the child from school and drive down to the clinic. On the way you may tell that child about some small eating packet you have brought for the child to enable him to enjoy a thing of his liking after check up.

If the child has to get a shot of some preventive vaccine, it is better to tell the child about what he should expect in the lab. He should be told that he is a brave boy and not scared of some such small pricks and after the shot, mom will reward him with a gift and a snack of his choice. The child should be told of the benefits that he will have after vaccination. In case it is not got done what type of sickness he can expect. These types of talks can ease the tension in the mind of the child about a visit to the clinic.