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Kids, as they grow, need a lot of attention of the parents. It will not be wrong to say that parents are the first teachers of any child. When the child is young, he will look towards the parents to satisfy his desire to learn about any new thing he see or come across. Then comes the stage of school where the child starts the formal learning process. Even the school going child will look towards the parents to clarify any problem faced by him.

When the child reaches the age of three and is able to properly walk and run around, the age or time of exploration starts. This is the age when the learning process by way of investigation starts. This needs to be carried out under the guidance of the parents or older people. Between the ages of 3 and 5, generally the preschool age, the child is able to track new things and learn about them. He learns to play with the other kids of his age some specialized items like doctor set or an engineer’s set. He learns to sow seeds with a thought of having grown up fruit trees in his yard he also starts to build houses of snow. The girls may start to play with dolls and try to dress it up or even stitch new clothes for the doll.

This is the time when a lot of patience is required from the parents to explain to the child about his enquiries of whatever he has seen or come across. With your positive attitude you can encourage the child to explore and learn a lot of things. At this stage it is necessary for the parents to keep some basic things in mind to enhance child’s developmental activities:

  • Let the child be independent and do not give too many directions, instead it will be better that you encourage the child for what he has rightly done. It will always be better to use positive language. Even if the child tries to use his shoe as a hat, do not be rude to him. Instead try explaining the difference between a hat and a shoe.
  • If the child tends to indulge in unsafe activity, to begin with it will be better to distract the child. After the child leaves that activity take him in your lap and explain the consequences of what he was doing.
  • The child must be given time to be on his own for some time. Ensure that he does not have with him anything which could be dangerous and the child is confident that in case of need he can call you. This will greatly accelerate the learning process.
  • The child will definitely make mistakes during the learning process. If the child does something wrong or is unable to do something, it will result in development of frustration. This is the time for you to encourage the child and teach him what he is unable to do. This will be a great learning opportunity. The child will learn and will also develop the skill or reasoning of how to do a particular task.
  • Encourage the child to help you in your work. He may be asked to help lay the table or even dust furniture with you. This will help bonding between the families and increase child’s confidence.

The object should be to make the child do things which are to his liking and in a disciplined manner. The child could be encouraged to water the plants or weed out unwanted growth from the grass in your lawn, or wash the sitting space. You can give the child some household kitchen items like beans, rice, wheat or dried pasta. Let the child separate different items while ensuring that he does not eat anything. You can buy mechanical games suitable for his age and let him concentrate on them. If you have open space in your backyard where birds come and sit, let him watch them. Allow him to keep a bowl of water for them and even offer them some grains. This will help him getting attracted toward nature and natural creatures.

All this will be of great help to the child to be ready for school.