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Heat rashes refer to a number of skin problems which affect a person due to exposure to hot weather conditions. The problem is aggravated more in hot and humid weather. The main cause of heat rash is sweat retention in the glands. The condition generally gets resolved in a few days on its own. However, in extreme cases, a visit to the doctor is advised.

What causes prickly heat rash ?

The most common form of heat retention is called prickly heat or miliaria in medical terms. This condition is generally found in babies and children as they have underdeveloped sweat glands. However, adults can also get affected by this problem. This condition generally occurs due to repeated sweating because of humid weather conditions. The sweat gets trapped in the skin causing a lot of itching due to which a person affected may also suffer from inflammation of skin in the area.

Prevention & Remedies for heat rash
  • Keeping the skin cool should be the first and foremost priority to prevent and get rid of the heat rashes.
  • The best remedy is application of the ice pack on the affected parts. Ice should be packed in some plastic bag. This bag is wrapped in cloth and applied on the affected parts. Ice cubes are not directly wrapped in cloth to prevent exposing heat rash affected area to water as sometimes due to itching or inflammation water may cause infection. Application of ice pack should be repeated after a few hours.
  • Heat rash generally occurs on the parts of the body which are covered by clothes. These can be back, neck, chest or armpits. As a preventive measure one should wear light cotton clothes during hot sultry weather which allow air circulation.
  • Clothes made from artificial synthetic fiber should be avoided. Heat rash affects the natural mechanism of the body which regulates and controls the heat as a result of which the patient may sometimes suffer from fever.
  • The affected area should be kept dry and some cool prickly heat powder should be sprayed. The baby should make effort to be in area which has lesser humidity and low temperature. Air conditioned environment is the best solution.
  • Hydrocortisone cream can be used by adults to treat this ailment. Older children can also get benefit from this remedy. A thin layer should be applied and the affected part should be left exposed. Noticeable benefit will be seen in a short time.