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In this world we see different colors. These can be primary colors or secondary colors. Secondary colors are those which are created by mixing two to derive a new color. Similarly we see around us different people from different regions of the world and following different religious beliefs. People from different regions practice different religious beliefs, a Christian from USA may be following different rituals as compared to a Christian from Rome, and similarly Muslims or Hindus living at different places follow different traditions and faith though being of same religion.

As is becoming common these days, due to work culture different people come together at the work place or in their apartment block and slowly develop attraction between them. After a period of time they get married, resulting in biracial or bi-religion children. These days it is common to see black and white married couples similarly married couples from Hindu and Sikh or Christian and Muslim family. The children produced out of such wedlock are bi-religious.

There are special problems associated with bringing up such children. The first may arise at the time of admission of the child to school. The school joining form has a column regarding religion of the child. Similarly if the parents are from different regions they may find difficulty in filling up race column in admission form. Schools are willing to accept American or European or Asian as race but may not be willing to accept if bi-racial is written.

The next problem arises from the society, people wanting to know how you will bring up the child, which religious beliefs will he or she follow, whose name or religion the child will inherit etc. They forget that the parents will endeavour to bring up the child as is done by all parents. They will like to see that the child is well mannered, well behaved, and well educated. This should be the answer to all such queries.

In bi-religious bi-racial homes, it is prudent to celebrate festivals of both the partners. Both should try to understand the religion of the other and allow him or her to celebrate as per belief. The child should also be encouraged to learn both the religions and cultures and should be allowed to select between the two and to follow whatever he is comfortable with. Remember that different colors form a rainbow which is beautiful to see, similarly different races form mankind, and all should learn to live with love.